Open up to others to be happy

« The only real happiness is the happiness that we give. »

The idea that we have of happiness is often more or less related to possessions (money, house, cars, etc.) or social success (high-ranking position, business accomplishment, professional reputation, etc.). Until we can achieve these prosaic goals, we believe that we cannot be happy. Consequently, many people spend their lives seeking an illusion, because true happiness is not the result of possessions or social status. True happiness is rather a state of consciousness.

How to reach this state of consciousness? The answer is simple, you just have to open up and become a giver rather than a receiver of love. To be happy, you must embrace the whole world.

Get rid of this habit of constantly taking and experience sincere generosity. Initially, if you are not comfortable in giving material goods, give something that is free, for example:

    – Smile with kindness
    – Really listen to others
    – Encourage people
    – Be sincere
    – Give compliments
    – Be grateful, even for the little things
    – Avoid unnecessary conflict
    – Be helpful
    – Demonstrate respect to all, including people you may think do not deserve it
    – Be genuinely interested in people’s stories
    – Do a good deed every day
    – Forgive often and easily

« Help others, and you will be the first who to feel better! »

Something to try:
For a few weeks, change your attitude towards others by adopting some of the above behaviors, then observe yourself. If you put enough efforts and sincerity in this experiment, you will feel the rise of a new inspiration within you. You will feel an inner happiness. Obviously, you will not become a completely different person overnight, you will feel differently and this will motivate you to continue.

« We accumulate wealth a thousand times faster by being generous than by being selfish. »

We must seize the various opportunities to be open to others. This way of living enriches us, and in the end we receive much more than we give. This principle may seem illogical, even so, give it a try. By being generous, you become more inspired and this new inner wealth motivates you to continue giving.

« Happiness is to find joy in what you give not what you receive. »

Try to have constantly in your mind the well-being of others because this will trigger a great revolution in you. This opening to others will awake unknown forces that were dormant somewhere in the depths of your soul.

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