Silence gives us a new look on life

« Silence gives us a new look on life. »

Many are afraid of silence because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Consequently, they try to fill up moments of solitude with constant noise such as television, music, meaningless conversations, etc. You cannot expect stillness when you are surrounded by noise, all you experience is stress.

« Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted.
Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world. »
Hans Margolius

The constant motion of modern times isolates us from our inner reality. We keep busy and embark on various projects and activities without thinking about it. Instead of taking off in different directions, take moments of silence in order to perceive what is really going on inside. It is only in the silence of thoughts and feelings that we see clearly inside us. Therefore, taking time alone in silence on a regular basis contributes significantly to our inner peace. Silence creates the necessary conditions for inner transformation; it can be a source of transparency, certainty and serenity.

« Silence allows us gain access to a greater awareness »

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